The new leadership positions for the Technician, WKNC and Nubian Message for the 2016-2017 school year were selected Tuesday night at the Student Media Advisory Board meeting. 

The Board appointed Stephanie Tate as editor-in-chief of Nubain Message; Rachel Smith as editor-in-chief of Technician and Emily Ehling as general manager of WKNC.

An interim director will be appointed as editor-in-chief of Agromeck, and the application will reopen in August. Windhover did not receive any applications, so the application will reopen until March 14. The Annual Publications Advisory Board will meet March 16 and will select the next editor-in-chief April 12.   

As editor-in-chief of Nubian Message, Tate said she wants to increase staff retention, improve recruitment strategies and making stories more timely. 

“As a student publication, I want to ensure that students of all marginalized backgrounds feel as though they can come to the Nubian staff and address any comments, questions or concerns they have for our publication,” she said in her application paper. 

Smith said she hopes to improve the Technician’s online presence in ways such as social media, creating a Technician app and using more multimedia forms of reporting. 

“I, like most millennials, receive my news through apps like Banjo and Apple News,” Smith said. “I believe that aligning the Technician with sources like these will only benefit our publication’s readership.” 

Ehling’s main priority as general manager will be to interact more with campus. She wants to partner with Union Activities Board for events like the Homecoming concert. 

“A stepping stone to becoming more widely known around the NC State community would be team up with campus organizations outside of Student Media,” Ebling said.