The historic 1960s IHOP located at 1313 Hillsborough Street is slated for demolition. Photo by Georgia Hobbs.

The International House of Pancakes on Hillsborough Street is to be torn down within two years following an acquisition by FMW Real Estate, which has begun construction for an apartment near the location, said Darla Craanen, IHOP’s general manager.

FMW Real Estate, a Charlotte, N.C., company, will be responsible for the building’s demolition but has plans to build another IHOP near the old location, according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

Babak Emadi, an architect at Urbana Architectural firm working on the project, said there are two phases to the architecture project that deal with the lot that IHOP now sits on.  

Emadi said Phase I is now in progress and will consist of a multi-family apartment complex called 927 West Morgan. The complex will consist of two different buildings that will hold a total of 249 living spaces ranging from studio apartments to 3-bedroom apartments. 

Emadi said Urbana Architecture Firm is not in charge of Phase II, which will deal with IHOP and the surrounding land.

Students and citizens have dined at the IHOP on Hillsborough Street since its construction in 1968, 10 years after the first IHOP was built, according to the company’s website. The restaurant stands as one of several “A-frame” buildings that housed IHOP restaurants until 1979. 

As demonstrated by the large glowing sign off Hillsborough Street, the restaurant was then known not by its acronym, but as the “International House of Pancakes.”

Mary Norris, sophomore in English education, said she was disappointed to hear the building was being torn down. Norris said she participated in the Teaching Fellows midnight run to IHOP that takes place twice a year and had made memories at the restaurant.

The official date and details have not been scheduled for the demolition but can be expected within two years.