An opossum is spotted rummaging through trash on campus. Animals can be spotted roaming around campus on a daily basis.

As the weather becomes colder, sightings of pests, including larger vermin such as opossums and raccoons, increase. NC State’s Pest Control, a part of Facilities, handles inspections and removes such wildlife.

Pest Control performs regular monthly inspections, according to the Facilities website. They also respond to service calls, remove animals and inspect buildings for termites. Calvin Edwards, pest control technician, described the process the department goes through after receiving a call.

“We go to the location," Edwards said. "We talk to the person if they’re available to figure where the complaint is at and what type of issues they’re having. At that point, we determine which chemical and how much of it we want to use, and then we do the treatment.”

Jimmy Liu, a first-year studying communication, saw an opossum in a trash can outside Student Legal Services just as fall was beginning.

“It was rummaging through trash,” Liu said. “It wasn’t bothering anyone.”

Small pests like cockroaches are prevalent throughout campus, particularly in residence halls.

Carolyn Bentley, a first-year in exploratory studies who lives in Bowen Residence Hall, said she saw multiple cockroaches in her room — one right after moving in.

“It was gigantic, and it had wings,” Bentley said. “My roommate probably spent 45 minutes trying to find it. After she killed it, my RA came and picked it up because she heard the screaming. There’s been two more since then.”

According to Edwards, not much can be done to avoid the appearance of cockroaches during the colder months.

“The bigger roaches, like the big water bugs, that’s kind of a nuisance-type bug, and they’re coming inside this time of year just to find a place for over winter,” Edwards said. “There’s really not a whole lot you can do about keeping those out.”

However, there are measures residents can take to avoid pest infestation, particularly with ants, Edwards said.

“Rinse your dishes if you aren’t able to wash them,” Edwards said. “Don’t leave any food out overnight. Empty your trash cans on a regular basis — just general stuff like that. When the weather’s bad, the ants are more active because they’re trying to find a place to stay over the winter and, plus, they’re trying to find food, because it’s getting ready to get cold.”

Bentley also saw a raccoon roaming around campus near Talley Student Union.

“A humongous raccoon, the biggest raccoon I’ve ever seen in my life, came sprinting out of a bush and ran in front of me,” Bentley said.

In the event of a pest sighting in a residence hall, students can contact Pest Control to generate a work order.