COVID-19 Breaking News Graphic

Graphic by Kyle Howe

In an email sent to NC State students on Jan. 11, university administration outlined their plans for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic during the upcoming spring semester. The email detailed new policies regarding testing, mask usage and quarantine.

According to the email, move-in will begin on Jan. 16, and classes will commence Jan. 19, as scheduled. Facilities such as NC State University Libraries and the Wellness and Recreation Center reopened on Jan. 4, and the email stated that the University “has implemented many proactive measures to keep our classrooms, residence halls and other facilities safe.”

In order to return to campus, attend in-person classes or live within a 1-mile radius, students are required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 nasal swab test. As the semester progresses, students living in residence halls and Greek Village, students enrolled in face-to-face classes and certain designated employees must participate in mandatory weekly testing.

NC State will provide no-cost testing through the Student Health Center, though proof of a negative test can be provided through other parties. 

Additionally, face masks will be required everywhere on campus, both inside and outside, at all times, even when alone. The only exceptions include being in a private, enclosed room with the door closed and actively eating or drinking while maintaining physical distancing.

NC State has also expanded its quarantine and isolation resources for the spring semester; there will be 285 housing units designated for quarantine and isolation. During the fall semester, there were 166 quarantine and isolation units available.