Charles Francis watch party

Raleigh mayoral candidate Charles Francis speaks at his watch party at Cantina 18, on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Francis has announced he will not call for a run-off election between himself and candidate Mary-Ann Baldwin.

On Friday afternoon, Charles Francis, Raleigh attorney and 2019 Mayoral candidate announced that he would not seek a runoff election, making Mary-Ann Baldwin, the top vote-getter from municipal elections, Raleigh’s next mayor.

Francis announced in a news release that he anticipated coming in first place at the election on Oct. 8. However, when that did not occur, he decided not to call a runoff because it would require hundreds of thousands more dollars for a race only weeks away

“One purpose of my candidacy was to include all people in Raleigh’s growth, decision-making and prosperity,” Francis said in a statement. “I am committed to continue doing the work to build a Raleigh for All as a lawyer, bank director, entrepreneur and community servant.  The lofty rhetoric we often hear about Raleigh does not match the reality for too many people. While I regret not winning this election, I look forward to joining with my 17,000 voters and others for the agenda that we brought forward to take root in local policy and budgets.”

Baldwin, who won the plurality of the Raleigh vote at 38%, said to the News & Observer that she is excited to begin working on her plans pertaining to housing affordability and transit.

“My priorites will be to work with this new dynamic city council to ensure that every neighborhood is head and is a part of our city’s progress on the issues that I campaigned on: housing affordability, transportation and mobility, entrepreneurship and jobs, continuing the planning and build out of Dix Park, and caring for our homeless neighbors,” Baldwin said in a statement.

Baldwin will assume office on Dec. 3, 2019.