Through several initiatives and support systems, such as living and learning villages, NC State has managed to retain first-year students, and its students graduate at significantly higher rates than national and state averages. 

This week, campus employers are sharing their employment opportunities for students seeking an on-campus job. Entities such as Campus Enterprises, DASA, and Wellness and Recreation are encouraging students to explore their open positions.

Students pay a $19.63 fee to NC State for the University Activities Board (UAB), which hosts events such as the Homecoming Concert, trivia nights, movie screenings and the annual Target Run. This year, students are now able to see the programming budget for UAB to better understand how their…

NC State’s Board of Trustees is a group of 13 people that ultimately oversee and manage the development of the university. Members advise the chancellor as well as the UNC System’s Board of Governors with matters pertaining to the university, according to NC State’s website.

Update 10:00 a.m.: Lisa Zapata, senior associate vice chancellor in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA), has been named the interim vice chancellor for DASA. Bret Smith, the senior associate dean for University College, was named the dean by Provost Warwick Arden.

On Thursday, August 1, a corpse flower began to bloom in the Marye Anne Fox Science Teaching Laboratory Greenhouse. This is the second time the flower, which is now 16 years old, has bloomed, the first being in 2016.