• June 2, 2015

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Animazement sweeps downtown Raleigh

Kids taking pictures with “Big Hero 6” star Baymax, a 70-year-old couple cosplaying characters from an obscure online video game, and everyone in between filled the Raleigh Convention Center May 21-24 for the 18th annual Animazement. 

Hillsborough Street: new business preview

Walking down Hillsborough the past year, one could not go a block without the sound of hammers and bulldozers. With the construction of new buildings, including two apartment complexes, and a hotel, Hillsborough is getting a facelift. The Stanhope Apartments and Aloft Hotel are both planning on having street-level storefronts with many new businesses opening, catering to students.

Snapshots into the future of spring graduates

Many students ask one another about summer or post-graduation plans, but may not really know how their peers feel about them. This collection of 2015 NC State graduates are only a few shells in the ocean, but they do give an idea about what some of the transitions the recent graduated class is facing and what their experiences are with them. 

Old poems for new times: NC’s Poet Laureate

Before delving into his extensive poetry career and rich family history, Shelby Stephenson sat outside in his backyard next to his dog, Cricket, effortlessly naming each and every bird that chirped nearby. A lover of nature, he uses the sights and sounds on his farm in Benson, North Carolina, as a source of inspiration for his writing. 

Seven ways to beat the summer heat in the Triangle

With final exams soon to be a stress of the past, it is a great time to start planning for summer fun. Summer in Raleigh provides a variety of exciting options for all personalities. 

Tai chi group goes beyond physicality

Tai chi is like water. Through gentle, fluid motions, one redirects their opponent’s attacks and moves defensively. When striking back, tai chi, like water, can turn from being gentle to being powerful and strong in reaction. 

Alumnus heads home to direct ‘Trash’

NC State alumnus and North Carolina native Darius Dawson recently returned home to direct his short film “Trash,” a project which he developed the idea for several years ago.  

Female politicians teach power through fashion

When Hillary Clinton announced her official statement of candidacy for the presidential race a week ago, along came a slew of commentary and criticism about her fashion choices.  The role of fashion in politics seems trivial and should hardly ever be the focus of a campaign or in choosing the right candidate for the job. However, as Clinton has proven after recieving unwanted feedback on her appearance shows fashion in politics, particularly for women, is important—but not for the reasons one might think.

Student filmmakers take short to Cannes

Through six different schools, one short film and two dedicated NC State students, the Cypher movement is expanding to California and France.

‘Unfriended’ entertains with psychological horror

If you have seen the commercials for “Unfriended,” you likely won’t want to see it. The trailer for the movie is poorly edited and goes for cheap, loud jump scares while being sure to highlight its several obnoxious unknowns as well as its awful, awful title. 

Talley Student Union to host 14th annual Art2Wear

The 14th annual Art2Wear production will be held in Talley Student Ballroom Friday at 8 p.m. The show will also be displayed on the screens in Talley Student Union to expand the audience. Faculty directors, Justin LeBlanc and Katherine Diuguid, both assistant professors of art and design, want to showcase the student’ work to as many people as possible.

Patrolling campus with University Police

For many people, the thought of campus police brings to mind a Paul Blart-like security guard riding around in a golf cart on the lookout for misbehaving students.

The quirks and culture of pep band

With its bold red and white polo shirts and upbeat music, the pep band makes its presence known at Wolfpack basketball games. And although it is clear that these pep band members are relentless NC State fans, much of the student body is probably not aware of what it takes to be a member of this energetic band.

Waxhatchee’s new work tackles harsh realities

The title of Waxahatchee’s newest album, “Ivy Tripp,” evokes a specific atmosphere, one of nostalgia and nature. The purposeful misspelling of “tripp” speaks to the oddness of the album as a whole. 

Spring resurrects an unsuspecting trend

Every year spring arrives expectedly with the horrific storm of pollen, stressful final exams and beautiful blooms all around campus. However, this spring welcomed something that I never expected to see: culottes.