Mr. and Mrs. Wuff raise the crowd's spirits in the Red and White Week parade on Friday, Nov. 8, 2019. Red and White Week is a spirit week that celebrates NCSU's past and its bright future.

On Nov. 8, NC State held its annual homecoming parade on Hillsborough Street as a part of the Red and White Week celebration. Red and White Week is one of the biggest events on campus throughout the year. The parade was in anticipation of the homecoming game against Clemson University.

The event began at 4:30 p.m. with a block party at Nelson Hall, which featured music and refreshments. At 6 p.m., the parade began at the NC State Memorial Belltower, down Hillsborough Street and past Dan Allen Drive, so students all across campus could catch a glimpse of it.

Although the weather was frigid by the time the sun went down, students still lined the streets to view the parade and show their school spirit prior to the homecoming game. The crowds were a red and white sea of NC State gear. Faces in the crowd were grinning with excitement during the game, and people chattered enthusiastically as they returned home.

“It was really fun to see the dance team and the band and do the fight song with everyone,” said Madelyn Tyrrell, a first-year studying mathematics education.

The parade showcased the iconic features of NC State spirit culture, such as Mr. and Ms. Wuf, the marching band, team chants and fight songs. There were also various floats and old-fashioned cars. Crowds were impressed by the police officers on horses that followed the parade procession.

In addition to athletics culture, there was also a showcase of floats for each fraternity and sorority at NC State.

“It was my first homecoming parade,” said Layla Allen, a first-year studying science education. “It was fun to see all the different parts of NC State.”

The homecoming parade was for more than just students. The entire Raleigh and Wolfpack community was welcome to join in on the festivities. Even small children, far from their college years, found excitement and pride in the chants. Kids at the parade ran down Hillsborough and continued chanting long after the floats had left.

The homecoming parade acts as an entertaining way to connect the Wolfpack family together and engage students with the fan culture of NC State. It is a sure way to get red and white fans buzzing and enthusiastic before a big game.

Although homecoming and Red and White Week have passed, the energy of the Pack and sense of pride for NC State still remains. The tradition will continue on for many more future fans to experience.


I am a first year studying Literature, Writing and Rhetoric. I have been working for Technician since the beginning of the 2019 fall semester.