Hillsborough Street

Cars are parked up and down Hillsborough Street on March 6, 2019.

Walking through the doors of the newly opened Rush Bowls on Hillsborough Street will bring you into a world of vibrant colors. The sounds of blenders and upbeat music can be heard as deliciously blended fruit smoothies and bowls are made that can be topped with granola, honey, fruits and a medley of supplements that can be added for a bit of a kick. 

According to Rush Bowls’ website, Andrew Pudalov founded Rush Bowls in Boulder, Colorado, “to pursue his dream of creating a healthy, fast-dining restaurant that fueled people's lives with honest ingredients and delicious recipes.” 

Placed between Live on Hillsborough and Peking Duck and Dumplings is the first Rush Bowls in the Triangle, according to WRAL. There is seating both inside and outside as well as space to pick up online orders.

The blended fruit served in bowls is thick and can be enjoyed with a spoon, similar to frozen yogurt. Each bowl costs $7.95 before tax, and there is an assortment of blends across four categories to choose from. Some names include “Greens Guru,” “Dragon Bowl” and “If Looks Could Kale,” as well as a “Bow Wow Bowl” complete with a milk bone on top for a furry friend. 

The smoothies are to be enjoyed through a straw and come in one size, 24-ounce cups, starting at $6.95 before tax. With names like “Frost Fighter,” “Poe’s Hangover” and “James & the Giant Peach” and with four categories to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone.  

Along with being tasty, Rush Bowls has many options for those with dietary restrictions and makes sure to never include artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives, as well as never adding MSG. All menu items “burst with flavor and satisfy with fresh, filling, all natural ingredients,” according to the website. 

Owners Jason and Anna Mack Severn are committed to bringing quick, nourishing and flavorful meals to students and families in the area, according to QSR. 

In addition to having a “stubborn romance with health,” according to its website, Rush Bowls also extends a helping hand to those in their community. A few organizations they support are There With Care and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, according to the website.  

Rush Bowls is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day and is located near the intersection of Dan Allen Drive and Hillsborough Street. For drivers, parking down Hillsborough Street or in Dan Allen Parking Deck is encouraged by Rush Bowls, as there is no parking directly in front of the building and the lot directly behind requires a permit.  

A more detailed menu can be found on Rush Bowls’ website or by visiting the store.