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Callisto Records is a record label that works to push the boundaries of what a label can be, according to Co-founder PM. The label is comprised entirely of NC State students and one NC State alum:

  • PM, a fourth-year studying fashion and textile management; artist, producer, engineer and co-founder
  • King Gino, a fourth-year studying microbiology; CEO, Co-founder, artist and manager

  • Astronate, a fourth-year studying aerospace engineering; producer, DJ and videographer

  • Rashid DeVasco, an NC State alum; visual artist and producer

  • Cedric, a second-year studying computer science and business entrepreneurship; videographer and video editor

PM said Callisto is an attempt to reshape what we think of as a record label. Focusing more on community building and collaboration, the label hopes to create a space where the art of music is not the only focus.

“We’re a record label, but we’re really a lot more than that,” PM said. “In our broadest aspect, we try to be a platform to connect artists together. To bring local artists together and artists from other parts of the world together and build a sense of community and build a platform that a lot of different artists can collaborate with and release music with.”

Collaboration is the foundation of Callisto Records. PM and King Gino met on a train ride to Charlotte, and the two used their connections—Astronate, Amir Al-Abed, Ayo Norm and others—to create the initial idea of what Callisto would become.

“There were different people who were all involved in making beats, and we all just connected together and were like, ‘We should just do this all under one platform,’” PM said. “We all collaborated together because we all had the same mission, which is just to release music.”

According to PM, NC State has been pivotal for him in the creation and promotion of Callisto Records. Many of the artists on the label knew about each other from campus before they collaborated, and some were even roommates. PM has a concentration in brand management and marketing and feels like he continues to apply the skills he learns through his major to the promotion of the label.

“I didn’t go to college to get a degree,” PM said. “I’m getting one, but that’s not my main reason for going. I went to college to learn about the art of business and branding and immediately apply it to my life to do what I already wanted to do.”

According to PM, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on some of the label’s normal operations, including live performances; however, Callisto has shifted to focusing on other things during this period. On Aug. 7, PM released his album “The Alchemist.” The album, originally only a four-song project, grew to 16 tracks during the pandemic, with the artists being able to focus more on creating.

“Every person on the team has had a hand on this album,” PM said. “Astronate shot the cover for it. I collaborated with some other people on the beats. Gino has been spinning it to playlists. We’ve been marketing it well. We’ve been all collaborating on one single project, which is what we’re trying to do right now at Callisto—focus all of our efforts.”

PM said to be on the lookout for some Callisto Records merchandise, including shirts and masks, following the release of the album.

For more information on Callisto Records, visit the label’s website. Callisto Records can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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