With Election Day fast approaching, North Carolina has been saturated with campaign stops. Take a look at notable electoral and presidential visits on NC State’s campus throughout the years. 

10/25/1932: Franklin Delano Roosevelt visits

State College suspends class for students to see presidential candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt speak.

10/19/1948: President Harry Truman visits

President Truman stops on campus to review ROTC cadet techniques during a parade.

9/17/1960: John F. Kennedy visits

Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy makes a campaign stop in Raleigh, speaking before a crowd in Reynolds Coliseum.

3/30/1963: Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson visits

The wife of Vice President Lyndon Johnson visits the School of Agriculture.

10/6/1964: President Lyndon Johnson campaign speech

President Johnson makes a speech before a crowd in Reynolds Coliseum, conveying that his Republican opponent Barry Goldwater would cut funds for farm initiatives. 

9/5/1985: President Ronald Reagan visits

President Reagan speaks in Reynolds Coliseum advocating tax reform. During a student luncheon with the president, Student Body President Jay Everette urges an eager reporter to withhold his questions so students can enjoy their time with the president, according to NCSU Libraries.

1988: Bill Clinton speaks before a crowd at the McKimmon Center at the annual Emerging Issues Forum.

2/2/1990: President George H. W. Bush visits

President Bush tours physics labs that focus on semiconductor and microelectronics research and discusses international competitiveness in technological industries, according to NCSU Libraries.

2/1991: President Jimmy Carter joins Emerging Issues Forum

Former President Carter questions the United States’ handling of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. According to NCSU Libraries, he calls for the U.S. and Soviet Union to organize an international peace conference to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

10/5/1992: President Bill Clinton visits

President Clinton appears before a crowded Stewart Theatre proclaiming his advocacy for NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement.

4/8/2008 Michelle Obama visits Reynolds Coliseum

Michelle Obama campaigns for her husband, presidential candidate Barack Obama.

5/6/2008: Senator Barack Obama visits

Presidential candidate Barack Obama speaks to a crowd in Reynolds Coliseum shortly after sealing the Democratic nomination.

1/26/2009: President Bill Clinton appears at the Millennium Seminar Series

Former President Bill Clinton announces that communitarianism is the road to prosperity.

9/14/2011: President Barack Obama rallies in Reynolds Coliseum

President Barack Obama speaks before an audience in Reynolds Coliseum promoting the American Jobs Act.

01/15/2014: President Barack Obama visits

President Barack Obama returns with his announcement of the Next Generation Power Electronics Innovation Institute based at NC State. The initiative is backed by $140 million in federal funding.

10/4/2016: First Lady Michelle Obama visits Reynolds Coliseum

First lady Michelle Obama recommends young voters to support Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.