Initially created during the 1980s by the American Library Association, Banned Books Week has been a movement celebrated each year from Sept. 27 to Oct. 3. The movement has sought to spark a nationwide conversation about banned books, as well as the implications behind banning texts that are…

COVID-19 has forced Arts NC State to adapt to a number of changes. Correspondent Sally Parker spoke to Rich Holly, executive director for the arts, and Amy Sawyer-Williams, the coordinator for arts outreach and engagement, to better understand how programming has responded to the pandemic and budget cuts.

Correspondent Emilie Osborne gives her take on the GBLT Center’s screening of “Rafiki.” The film showcases a forbidden love story in Kenya, where homosexuality is illegal. However, despite the deep content, the movie tells a tale of hope and celebration of National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11.

Videographer Rhiannon See interviews professor run band The Quadrivium Project, getting the backstage intel on what's what with the band.