Rachael Davis

Courtesy of Rachael Davis

Meet Rachael Davis, a fourth-year studying political science and history, as well as Technician’s editor-in-chief (EIC). As EIC, she is in charge of the whole publication, but there is a lot more to both the job and her than meets the eye.

“Basically, I oversee the entire newspaper,” Davis said, and that is an understatement. Alongside the managing editor and the multimedia managing editor, she reads almost all content that is published on the Technician website, edits articles and gives constructive feedback to ensure content is the best it can be.

Additionally, she collaborates with other news outlets, communicates with upper administration and even coordinates with the Student Media business office about ads. Even before becoming EIC she was tasked with creating a book that celebrated the 100th anniversary of Technician, which involved hundreds of hours spent searching through archives and organizing content, with a majority of this time being over winter break, proving her dedication.

“I absolutely love writing and interviewing people and educating,” Davis said. “I love educating the student body on things that are happening.”

Her road to EIC started very simply. Davis’s close friend and current managing editor, Alicia Thomas, convinced her to begin writing articles for what is now the arts and culture section. Recognizing her love for writing and theatre, the position was a sure fit, and it allowed her to attend as many plays and performances as she wanted, a win-win.

Davis later started writing for the news section, another fitting position, given her passion for political science. After being assistant news editor for a while, she moved up to the role of Technician’s managing editor, and eventually applied and was hired to be EIC.

Her favorite aspect of being EIC is her staff, who she couldn’t do it all without. 

“One of my favorite things besides the coverage is everybody on my editorial board and everyone on my staff,” Davis said. “I truly love everyone on my editorial board, and we’re all so close.”

As a writer, Davis has seen and done many exciting things. One of her favorite memories is when she got a front row seat to see the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg speak at Meredith College. Additionally, she attended a speech by Margaret Atwood, author of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” as well as Chancellor Randy Woodson’s press conferences.

Outside of the newspaper, Rachael Davis is very involved in the NC State community. She has maintained an active role in Hillel, the Jewish organization on campus. From being Hillel’s vice president last year to now being on the state board, she works on social justice initiatives, with a specific focus on Black and Jewish relations.

She is also part of a student-run coed a cappella group, which acts as stress relief for her busy life. To top it all off, Davis hopes to go to graduate school and is currently writing a thesis on early American history. Not to mention, she is also an avid YouTube and TikTok viewer.

Technician’s EIC is a very active leader and a strong friend around NC State’s campus. From her love of the arts and education to her involvement in social justice initiatives, Rachael Davis has an unmatched passion for everything she does.