HB 589: ‘Dramatic rewrite’

This week in Winston-Salem, the trial to determine whether a bill passed by North Carolina’s Republican leadership in 2013 carried an explicit intent of suppressing voter populations that tend to vote democratic. 

City Council favors downtown residents in nightlife restrictions

Raleigh’s public safety committee implemented new restrictions regarding how late restaurants and bars can serve patrons on sidewalk patios during their meeting on July 28.

Diabetics could live a ‘sweet’ life without needles

For most Americans living with diabetes, insulin injections have become a normal part of everyday life. Thanks to researchers at NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill, these days may soon come to an end due to the innovation with the “smart insulin patch.”

Suspicious package found on Centennial

Emergency personnel responded to a “suspicious package” found on the afternoon of July 20 on Centennial Campus, but hours later, the State Bureau of Investigation’s bomb squad deemed it a false alarm. 

NC State football, other ACC programs kick off season in Pinehurst

Head coach Dave Doeren, redshirt senior quarterback Jacoby Brissett and senior defensive end Mike Rose discussed expectations and additions to the team during their media appearances at the ACC Football Kickoff July 20-21 at the Pinehurst Golf Resort in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Pack wrestling hauls in stellar 2015-16 class

With a national championship each of the past two years, NC State wrestling has been on the rise, a fact which is shown in the Wolfpack’s 2015-16 recruiting class.

Former Wolfpack players compete in NBA Summer League

Tipping off just a week after the NBA Draft, the NBA Summer League is filled with young, competitive talent hoping to make NBA rosters. Among this crop were six former NC State players. Here is what they have done so far:

Nick Gwiazdowski brings home gold at Spanish Grand Prix

Redshirt senior Nick Gwiazdowski won his first international title July 11 at the Spanish Grand Prix in Madrid, Spain.

Activist joins LGBT cause by changing FB profile pic

In the wake of the monumental Supreme Court decision that made it legal for same sex couples to get married, several million activists have performed a mass celebration by adding a rainbow hue to their social media profile pictures. In addition to the risky move of demonstrating their radical political beliefs to the world, many of these hardcore activists have taken their political actions further by posting article links from The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and other well-written leftist news sources.

New Talley Starbucks is full of beans

Recently, yet another Starbucks opened its doors. Their new location? None other than Talley Student Union. The new site originally received very positive traffic, mostly from Caucasian females in the 18-24 demographic ordering predominantly the Venti Sugarcane-extract Frappuccino. However, in the past couple of days, the store has started to gather protestors from an ideologically diverse spectrum of student organizations.

On democracy

While we as a nation continue to spread the alms of democracy around the world, it is important to recognize the legacy our country has built as a lesson to those more novice governments striving to emulate us. In the last several decades, we’ve helped provide early intervention on other nations’ coarse attempts at democracy. We’ve denounced other countries’ unsavory governing styles. And perhaps all this confusion over how to run a good democracy exists because we haven’t been able to preach the good word well. A lot of languages are out there, so things may have gotten lost in translation. As a quick “how-to” for fledgling nations aspiring to greatness, let’s take a moment to clear up what makes a good democracy.  

Solar aviators seek to round globe

NC State alumnus Sarah Andrews is working on a team to make the first journey around the world without fuel in a solar powered plane.

WKNC Show Preview: Future Islands 1,000th show

Future Islands

Vet school rescues wild foal from Outer Banks

The young Colonial Spanish Mustang foal known as Guillermo, or William, was born on the beaches of Corolla, North Carolina and has since been capturing the hearts of many as he fights  for his life.

In Brief

  • Duke Energy names new president

     David Fountain will be the new president of Duke Energy, succeeding Paul Newton. Newton is retiring Sept. 1. Fountain will be responsible for…

  • Parental consent needed to use Wake County school technology

     The Wake County school board approved a policy that will require parental consent before students will be allowed to use technology July 21. …

  • Hillary Clinton held campaign fundraiser in Raleigh on Wednesday

     Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton visited the Triangle last night to raise money for her campaign for the White House. The fundraiser was held in North Raleigh in a private home. July 21 was Clinton’s first visit to North Carolina since her campaign announcement. Each individual had to donate approximately $2,700 to attend, the maximum donation amount from individuals during primaries.