• May 30, 2016

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Counseling beyond the Center

Life as a student is challenging no matter your background, and the struggles of preparing for adult life both socially and professionally are universal; but for students in marginalized communities, these issues are compounded by the lack of representation that they have in American society. 

State professor brings home award, meets president

May 19 at a White House Ceremony, President Barack Obama awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation to an NC State professor. Joseph DeSimone, the award’s recipient, is a William R. Kenan Jr. distinguished professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering.

11 states challenge guideline, sue federal government

Eleven states and state officials sued the Obama administration on May 25 for issuing a guidance asking public school districts to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity. 

33 years later, ‘83 champs finally visit White House

No matter the sport — be it professional football, basketball, baseball or hockey — winning that championship trophy is almost always accompanied later on by something else unforgettable: a trip to the White House. 

Death of Harrelson to bring life to Brickyard

After many preparations, demolition on Harrelson Hall began this month. In its place will be a small park, adding some greenery to the Brickyard. 

NC State baseball's determination and luck powers comeback against Georgia Tech

With a little help from the baseball gods, the No. 13 NC State baseball team was able to tie up Georgia Tech after an improbable play, and eventually won with a two-run home run in extra innings at the ACC Championship in Durham.

Pack baseball drops late-inning thriller to Miami

Although No. 13 NC State’s game against No. 2 Miami (FL) meant nothing for the Pack’s ACC Championship hopes, the Wolfpack fought to the bitter end in a dramatic 8-7 loss to the Hurricanes in Durham on Thursday night.

NC State baseball falls to Florida State in ACC Tournament

In what promises to be a long week filled with hard-fought games on the road to the ACC Championship, No. 13 NC State dropped its opening game of the tournament, 7-3, to No. 11 Florida State May 25 afternoon in Durham.

Abu, Anya to return – things looking up for NC State basketball

The NC State men’s basketball team has had an incredibly eventful offseason thus far. Everything from transfers to unexpected commitments has occurred, and the anticipation for the upcoming season could not be greater. 

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Coping with the decline of print media

With the rise of technology, smartphone apps and social media, the times of print publications have changed, and until now, we haven’t changed with them.

COLUMN: Press 2 for progress

Imagine this: you’re new to America, young, excited for your future, apprehensive about assimilating to a new culture and lifestyle. You’ve been learning and speaking English for a few years now, and you are the best student in your classes back home. You make your way around your town during your first few days, but become increasingly disheartened. Instead of the positive, impressed reactions you were expecting from the locals about your English skills, you’re being met with snickers, thinly veiled derisive comments and passive aggressive jabs at your accent and grammar.

COLUMN: Blame me for the rise of Donald Trump

Unpatriotic tears flowed from my eyes when I got the CNN notification on my phone that Ted Cruz had dropped out of the race. Not that I liked the “outsider,” but the moment all but assured that my biggest fears of Trump’s ascension to the Republican throne became true. By all standards, nobody saw this coming. Political scientists have tried to pinpoint exactly why and how this remarkable victory came into hellish fruition. I blame myself.

GUEST COLUMN: Army ROTC's 100th anniversary

Since its dedication on Nov. 11, 1949 the Belltower at NC State stood witness to many generations of ROTC cadets taking their Oaths of Commissioning and becoming officers. Its imposing structure is a testimony in granite to the ultimate sacrifice made by 33 NC State alumni in World War I but is also a guiding beacon for the future generations of leaders, willing to raise their hands and swear an oath to defend our way of life. With the ROTC centennial being celebrated this year, the significance of the Belltower for past, present and future cadets plays a central role in memorializing the venerated tradition of the program.   

Moogfest Makes Durham Debut

Starting May 19, Durham played temporary home for the first time to thousands of concert-goers and techies at this year’s Moogfest. The three-day music and technology festival, put on by the legendary synthesizer company Moog, showcased emerging technologies in musical instruments, as well as talks by acclaimed intellectuals and artists and performance by some renowned musicians.

WKNC at Moogfest 2016

Yvonne Chazal

"Outcast" Pilot Review

4 out of 5 Stars

Summer events in Raleigh, the Triangle

Moogfest: Thursday-Sunday